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FAQs: Screenprinting

Question: Screenprinting - How does pricing work? Answer: Pricing for screen printing is based on 3 variables. The number of colours in the print, The number of prints on the tee i.e. Front only or front and back etc, The number of garments to be printed. So to give you a solid price we need to know these three variables. We will always advise you on how you can reduce your costs by adjusting these variables..

Question: Screenprinting - Why do more colours cost more? Answer: The way screen printing works we have to set a screen up for every colour in every print. The more screens the higher the set up costs. It also takes longer to print 4 colours as we need to make 4 separate print passes on each tee.

Question: Screenprinting - Do you only print t-shirts? Answer: No. We do a large range of textile screen printing. Our aim is to provide you with great pricing on all services so you only have to deal with a single company for your customised clothing needs.

Question: Screenprinting - What is the maximum amount of colours you can print? Answer: We can print up to 4 colours.

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